Operation Blue Treasure

Dr. Heimnenchakcer has proven to be a dead end, he seems entirely unwilling to join the criminal underworld. He is without friends or family and so is entirely with leverage from which to coerce him into producing it for us. He is likely very well stocked with adderall and drug paraphernalia.

More money is needed urgently needed to fund other operations and my adderall stocks are at risk of running out. I have found from interviewing him that there are many other doctors who produce adderall on their own so it is possible to find a more suitable target in the future. It is also fairly likely that the instructions for producing adderall are somewhere in his possession. For these reasons I find it prudent to terminate Dr. Heimenchacker.

U-Haul Truck	17’	2 days				10Ŧ
Human Hair (Barber shop)				-
Clipboard w/ fake requisition				-
Jumpsuit uniforms (4)					8Ŧ
Handling gloves						4Ŧ
Back brace						1Ŧ
Dolly 							2Ŧ
Boxes							-
5 gallons of gasoline					1.5Ŧ
USB Mass storage					1Ŧ
Chloroform						3Ŧ
Melta Gel (1m)                                          40

Operations cost					        67.5Ŧ

Grab Heimenchaker as he is leaving his office, take his office, house, and other keys
KO Heimenchaker put him in car
5th man takes his car around the block, acts as Dr. H or supervisor as needed
Pretend to be a hired moving company and take everything of value, use boxes to hide
Paste a notice on his door that he is sick.
Arrive Heimenchaker’s house at 9:30am the next morning dressed as moving crew
5th man stands by as supervisor
Revive Dr. H see if he is cooperative
If not take car to near Hellskin, take airbag, set it on fire dispose of Dr. H w/ car
If yes get him to withdraw at least 500Ŧ from his bank account, judge his cooperation from there

Hit during evening
Drug Paraphernalia

Hit during early afternoon disguised
Drug Paraphernalia
Drug Recipe

Operation Blue Treasure

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