Eugene Dominis Journal

+++Date: 3 – 998.41M+++
+++Subject: September 29++++

My name is Eugene Dominis. I have created this journal in order to record what happens in my life. This galaxy is a cruel and mean place. Let this journal be evidence that at least one man has worked to make it a better.

Where to start with the first entry? So much has passed since I’ve arrived on Hive Tarsus and I am too tired to write it all down. I suppose I will explain as things are referenced. I have been on Hive Tarsus for 3 and a half months now. Currently in a group of four men who call themselves the Devil Dogs in upper Tarsus. It’s mostly thug work, beat a few people and threaten their families or businesses. On the side I have two guys who sell adderall for me at the local college.

Recently a nicely dressed guy came in with a job to “take care” of the leader of a small local gang. The older guys think that he man is part of the Brotherhood of Tholos and didn’t want to take the job. I think I’ll go check it out, if I can get close to the Brotherhood maybe I can move up the ranks.

Also, Dr. H has proven to be a dead end, he seems entirely unwilling to join the criminal underworld and is without friends or family. This means there is leverage from which to coerce him into producing adderall for me. He is likely very well stocked with adderall and drug paraphernalia.

I need more money to fund the other operations (the scouting on the gang) and my adderall stocks are at risk of running out. I have found from interviewing him that there are many other doctors who produce adderall on their own so it is possible to find a more suitable target in the future. It is also fairly likely that the instructions for producing adderall are somewhere in his possession. For these reasons I find it prudent to terminate Dr. H. I’m gonna go see if the boys want in on this operation.

++++END ENTRY++++
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Eugene Dominis Journal

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