Eugene Dominis

Main Charecter in the Campaign


Eugene Dominis
2000 XP
Sinophian Scum
Wounds: 13
Fate: 2

WS	30
BS	42       I
S	39
T	37
Ag	35       I
Int	40		
Per	42
Wp	26		
Fel	33       I		

Treated as Basic Skills
Common Lore (Underworld)
Common Lore (Tech)
Forbidden Lore (Cults)
Forbidden Lore (Heresy)
Speak Language (High Gothic)

Deceive (Fel)
Search (Per)
Drive (Ground Vehicle)
Speak (Low Gothic)
Secret Tongue (Gutter)
Secret Tongue (Ship Cant)
Blather (Fel)
Common Lore (Imperium)

Hatred (Mutants)
Light Sleeper
Pistol Training (SP)
Basic Weapon (SP)
Quick Draw
Sound Con (II)
Electro Graft Use

Special: +5 WS in cramped quarters


Important NPCs
Luna, Childhood friend/love interest
Childhood friends as dregs they were separated during adolescence. Eugene desires to discover her fate and rescue her if possible. He hides this fact from others.

Jayden, Darkhold Comrade in Arms
They share a friendly rivalry because of an insult perceived. The only survivor of his old Darkhold Security Unit aboard the Star Serpent.

Jarrion Streveler, Rouge Trader of the Star Serpent
Eugene intensely desires to extract his revenge upon Streveler. If Luna is dead this will become a rivalry which can only end with one survivor.

Character Qualities
Character is afraid to face adversity. He desires to live long enough to complete his goal.
Character is Vengeful. If wronged Eugene will not forget…
Character is Neat. Prefers to plan and execute operations efficiently.
White hair

Gouged out Right eye by mutant (poor bionic replacement)
Back Injury from being hit in the back with a heavy object during an airlock decompression incident (causes pain from time to time, strength may not be upgraded past 39)
Missing right thumb during hand to hand combat with mutant wielding rusty machete (may not use weapons in right hand)

Items of Importance:
Ancient Amulet from the Darkholds
Arch Bishop
What were his parents whispering about long ago?
White hair

Motivations: Love, Revenge, Power

Summary: Eugene is motivated by revenge upon the Rouge Trader Jarrion Streveler. During adolescence Streveler’s press gang teams enslaved him and his childhood friend/first love Luna. Eugene seeks her out among the vast stars and intends to punish Streveler. To achieve his ends Eugene intends to climb to the top of the criminal underworld.

Eugene was the second child of his 5 siblings born in August. His mother and father were originally pilgrims who were stranded on Sinophia. Growing up his family were laborers in a factory. His parents told him during a parade he was actually blessed by the arch-bishop - himself. Seven days later his hair grew in pure snow white. Growing up he would sometimes catch his mother and father whispering in argumentative tones about something which happened long ago. When he would ask about it they would always refuse to tell him.

When Eugene was 11 his family became involved in a labor revolt against the Sinophian government. His eldest brother, a laborer at the time was killed during the riots. The revolt was crushed and the factory shut down. Eugene’s family became dregs forced to live on the fringes of society scrabbling for food scraps. During this time Eugene’s mother instructed him to dye his hair in order to draw less attention to himself.

At age 14 Eugene met a girl named Luna, a fellow dreg. Together they stole, laughed, and survived within the lower habs.

At age 18 they were caught by a Rouge Trader press gang. Being dregs without the protection of a Lord or Baron they were taken aboard as labor hands and processed. Crammed together with thousands of other captured dregs aboard the Rouge Traders ship they promised to find each other and escape. Luna gives her gold heart locket to Eugene containing her eyelash. And Luna keeps a locket of Eugene’s silver hair. They are soon are separated. In a desperate attempt to say together Eugene strikes a quarter master of the ship. For this, he is assigned to certain doom: Darkhold Security.

Under the quarter master’s direction Eugene undergoes painful surgeries which install Electrografts to interface with the ship. Among the Darkhold Kill Teams he develops into a man. Growing up with a group of hard bitten criminals and killers assigned to hunt down mutants who infest the ships lower level abandoned holds. Eugene learns how to survive aboard the ship learning to steal, fight, and deal without getting caught. He uses his Electrograft’s to bypass security and gain access to goods otherwise unobtainable by his new family. Though Eugene searches many times for Luna aboard the ship he never sees her again.

The years fighting the horrors of the Darkholds all the while enduring the cruelty of his enslavers aboard the Star Serpent have left marks both physical and mental on Eugene.

The heavy handed punishments and poor treatment caused Eugene to develop a hatred for the Rouge Trader and authorities who wronged him. When he commits his numerous crimes feels he is punishing those who robbed him of his freedoms and his love.

After 5 years aboard the Star Serpent Eugene’s unit is used as a suicide unit. The controller attracts dozens of the Darkhold creatures to a prime location before decompressing the section killing dozens of the creatures and decimating Eugene’s unit. Trapped within the Darkholds, Eugene along with Jayden the only other survivor of his unit, attempt to escape. Traveling one of the forgotten passages within the Darkhold Eugene finds an ancient amulet.

On the seventh day trapped within the Darkholds the Star Serpent docks with a space station in orbit around Scintilla. Out of sheer luck the pair manages to escape onto the station as free men and arrive planetside in Hive Tarsus hidden in shipping containers. Eugene vows to discover the fate of his lost love Luna and kill the Rouge Trader Jarrion Streveler who he holds responsible for his woes. To achieve his ends Eugene intends to climb to the top of the criminal underworld using his skills learned aboard the Star Serpent.

Eugene Dominis

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